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Principles of Personal development In adult social care settings Task A Guidance You are going to be a mentor for a new social care worker as part of their induction process. Part of your role is to help them prepare for the review after their probation period. Ai) Create a guide for the new social care worker about how to reflect on their practice. The guide must include the headings listed with an explanation for each. a) What is reflective practice? b) Why is reflective practice important? c) How reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision. d) How standards can be used to help social care workers reflect on their practice. A GUIDE TO REFLECTIVE PRACTICE WHAT IS REFLECTIVE PRACTICE?…show more content…
PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN Name: Job Title: Learning & Development need Action Plan Short Term Goal Expected Date of Completion Actual Date of Completion Outcome What do I want or need to learn or what skills would I like to develop What am I going to do or what do I need to achieve step 1 What part of step 1 would I like to work on first, or what is the most important part of my learning & development needs as stated in step 1. The date I am setting myself to complete this task. The actual date I completed the task. Was I successful in completing step 1 or 3? Completed or partially completed or not completed? Bii) Explain how a PDP can help a social care worker identify improvements in their knowledge, understanding and practice. By using a PDP a social care worker will have a written record of the goals they have set on their learning and development needs. They will have set the goals themselves and be working towards researching the answers. As this develops they will then start putting this new found information into practice this will give them reassurance and help build self confidence. Biii) Identify sources of support for planning and reviewing your development. Ask my mentor or work buddy. Shadow work colleagues. Team meetings Access the intra net. Biv) Identify people who can help you develop your knowledge, understanding and practice. Ask my

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