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SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT LAB ASSIGNMENTS Note: Use MS Project 2003 LAB EXERCISE 1 Develop a WBS for the Project tracking Database. . Assume the following project tracking Database tasks. (Enclosed sheet) * Create SUMMARY TASKS Task2, task9, task17, task21 and task26 . Make task 22- recurring task . Make task1 milestone . Create finish-to-start dependencies. . Add lead or lag time to task dependencies. Project Tracking Database ORDER TASKS ORDER TASKS 1 Start Project 16 Review plan with stakeholders 2 Initiating tasks 17 Executing tasks 3 Initial meeting with Project Sponsor 18 Analysis tasks 4 Research Similar projects 19 Design tasks 5 Draft project requirements 20 Implementation…show more content…
Print the budget report for your project 4. Project Human Resource Management Assume that one project team member will be unavailable (due to vacation) for two weeks in the middle of the project. Make adjustments to accommodate this vacation so the schedule does not slip and the costs do not change. Document the changes from the original plan and the new plan Use the Resource Usage View to see each person 's work each month. Print a copy of the Resource Usage View. 5. Project Communications Management Print a Gantt chart for this project. Use a time scale that enables the chart to fit on one page. Print a "To"-do List" report for each team member Create a "Who Does What Report" HITML document. Print it from your Web browser. LAB EXERCISE 3 Software Training Program ABC Company has 50,000 employees in its headquarters. The company wants to increase employee productivity by setting up an internal software applications training program for its employees. The training program will teach its employees how to use software programs such as Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Project98. Courses will be offered in the evenings and on Saturdays and will be taught by qualified volunteer employees. The instructors will be paid $40 per hour. In the past, various departments sent employees to courses offered by local vendors during company time. In contrast to local vendors ' programs, this internal

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