assingment 2 Sck 2046 lars and real girl Essay

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Caitlin Cameron Assignment 2 SCK2604 Student number : 50491466 Table of contents : 1. Front page : Page 1 2. Contents page : Page 3. Questions answered : Pages 3 to 10 4. Bibliography page : 11 Questions for Lars and the real girl : 1. My first impressions of Lars was that he seems nervous and on edge all the time. He comes…show more content…
Regarding to person centred approach Dr Berman provides a climate of acceptance and safety and Lars is given the opportunity to express his feelings without being judged. 7. Lars behaviour changes massively I say this because once Bianca arrives he has become more talkative and more open. He is more worried about what he looks like and makes sure he looks presentable , he goes out more often now by taking Bianca on long walks through the park . he is more interactive with his family and friends and since she has arrived he has much confidence with himself and other around him . 8. Dr Berman portrays values of respect and individualisation because she has the ability to look at others as they are and to prize their individuality and she portrays individuality because she perceives the world as the client sees
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