baggage blunders (british airways) CASE STUDY Essay

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A Case Study
Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Business and Management
College of Management and Economics of the
Visayas State University


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in
MGMT 101: Concepts and Dynamics of Management


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Acabado, Rona Jane E.
Alpar, Florie Mae A.
Bisco, Allen G.
Goliat, Wilson B.
Gortepacion, Gecel M.
Laureno, Fretsie Ann C.
Munez, Levenia C.
Munez, Michelle A.
Ocon, Christian John N.

Submitted to:
Mr. Stephen Alexeus G. Baltazar

September 23, 2013
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The terminal includes 96 self-serve kiosks. It was called as the " Twenty - first century gateway to Britain" by Queen Elizabeth II in March 15, 2008 during its opening day. With two decades from conception to completion, and 100 million hours of labor, opening day didn't work out as planned. Terminal 5 was planned to ease congestion at Heathrow and improved the flying experience because of its massive automation features. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. Due to construction delays, British Airways also had to defer by six weeks the start of its training program for passenger service and ramp employees. Other training programs were reduced in scope or even phased out to accommodate the revised schedule. Over the following 10 days, some 42,000 bags failed to travel with their owners and over 500 flights were cancelled. Britain's Department of Transportation released a statement calling for British Airways and the airport operator BAA to work hard in order to resolve those issues occur and minimize the distraction to passengers.

The problem is the overall failure of the Terminal's baggage handling system (e.g. understaffed baggage workers and faulty facilities) and airport service system (e.g. inexperienced ticket sellers and car park problems) which caused delayed services which leads to numerous flight cancellations, lost baggages and substantial delays. In general, it was a failure in management,

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