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You work as an administrative officer in the Human Resources department of Bailey Bus & Coach Company, a large, family-owned company located in your town. The Human Resources Manager is Ahmed Fawzi and you report directly to him.

The company has expanded a great deal in the past 12 months, mainly because of the acquisition of new contracts and the expansion of the coach tours into Europe. A development project is also ongoing which is investigating the feasibility of starting a new taxi or private hire vehicle business in the near future.

This expansion in the business has increased the workload on the administrators. There are more drivers, more bus routes, and an increase in tours which
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You will need to read the email that Ahmed has sent before you start the tasks.
Task 1: : Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources
Assessment Criterion P1
Ahmed is keen to ensure that the recruitment of the new Office Manager runs smoothly. As this is a new, very important position, he has asked you to do some research of recruitment processes for managerial roles.
Your task is to: produce two flowcharts identifying and illustrating the recruitment process used by two different organisations to recruit new staff. list the different methods used to recruit staff, including both internal and external sources.

Your evidence will be: two flowcharts a list.

Your task is to: produce an information sheet analysing the usefulness of documents used during the recruitment process. You should explain how the different documents help the interviewers and applicants and the advantages and disadvantages of each document.

Your evidence will be: an information sheet.

Your task is to: evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using external recruitment sources compared to internal recruitment sources.

Your evidence will be: a report.
Task 2: Explain the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on recruitment and selection activities
Assessment Criterion P2
Ahmed wishes to ensure that the recruitment process used to recruit the new
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