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Title Page Table of Contents Michael Contreras 1 Company Overview Nick Hogan 2-3 Motivational Tools and Strategies Tyler Waggoner 4-6 Leadership/ Management Loidy Jimenez 7-9 Organizational Culture / Corporate Values Loidy Jimenez 9-? Teams and Employee Empowerment Michael Contreras ?- Diversity Initiatives Nichole Peoples ?- Organizational adaptability Nick Hogan ?- Conclusion Nichole Peoples ?- References Tyler Waggoner ?- Table of Contents Company Overview Founded in 1960 in Kendall, Florida, Baptist Health Inc. continues to provide hundreds of different treatment options for their patients. Rev. Dr. C. Roy Angell, a long…show more content…
Other benefits offered to employees are financially beneficial, such as retirement plans, PTO cash-outs, and employee discounts (“Baptist Health South Florida”, n.d.). They also offer financial benefits that apply towards schooling and education to their employees as well, such as tuition assistance and scholarship programs. These programs can encourage Baptist Health South Florida employees to continue their education while working, and to better develop their skills for their work and in doing so benefiting their careers (“Baptist Health South Florida”, n.d.). Other benefits Baptist Health South Florida offers are programs and services designed to help employees balance out the stress that comes from their work so that it does not harshly affect their personal lives. Some of examples of the programs they offer are fitness programs, childcare, employee assistance programs, and many others (“Baptist Health South Florida”, n.d.). One program that Baptist Health South Florida has specifically implemented is the Wellness Advantage mission. The Wellness Advantage offers many different programs to help ease the stress of an employee’s work life, and can be beneficial in increasing job satisfaction and motivation (“Wellness Advantage”, 2013). A big portion of the Wellness Advantage is designed to
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