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Andy McNulty 10/8/14 College Writing Professor Eaton Essay #2(rough draft) Generations Changing Over the years of going through grade school I have seen different generations change and they way people go about things including myself. One of the things I have seen change that is huge is technology. After reading the Beliot list for college students in the class of 2018 I came across a couple of interesting points. The point that I do agree with is that I found was “celebrities selfies are cooler than autographs” and “Press pound” on the phone is now translated as “hit hashtag.” Seeing these points on the Beliot list I do agree with the things they say because most of these relate to our generation and how different things were back…show more content…
These are all generalizing our class because our class I think has made social media such a big thing and thats why you are able to generalize our class so easily and correct because it is so easy to tell with social media that this is our generation. Going through all these things made me look at things a bit different. I now look for things in people that are in our grade or my age that you can tell right away that this is someone close in age to me just by the way they do things like taking a selfie, or saying hashtag all these things our grade does and it pretty cool that you see how generations have changed just through some statements on the Beloit College list of 2018. Work Cited "The Mindset List: 2018 List." The Mindset List: 2018 List. Beloit College, 1 Sept. 2014. Web. 19 Oct.

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