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Ben and Jerry’s Launch in Dubai Executive Summary Notwithstanding the fact that Dubai is rebuilding its economy after going through an economic recession, we find the current situation impeccable for the introduction of our brand in the Middle Eastern market. Dubai being a hub for various social activities in the Middle East and one of the most visited places in the world, we think it has a lot of potential for our product, which will make it easier for us to apply penetration strategy. Dubai has a desert climate and the weather is warm all year round. This is one of the various reasons why we plan to launch our product there. We want to commence our operations by launching Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as our first step,…show more content…
We will launch some new flavors according to the likings of people of Dubai to familiarize our brand with our potential customers. The above picture shows our new and old flavors which we plan to launch in Dubai. 1.2 Product: The following table shows the planned sales prices and gross margins of our product for all the flavors. * All prices shown are United Arab Emirates Dirham (DH). These prices apply to all the different flavors we are going to offer on the market. 1.3 Competition: Baskin Robbins and Sibby’s are our main competitors in the market. Baskin Robbins specializes in ice cream cakes and milk shakes, while Sibby’s specializes in organic ice cream. Baskin Robbins has positioned itself high in the market and has been there for quite long, which makes it the market leader of the ice cream industry with 65% share of market. Sibby’s have positioned them at low in the market to attract low middle class families with 35% of the market share. We plan to position our brand between these two competitors of us. We want our product to be accessible to everyone, with providing the best all natural ice cream ever to make landfall in Dubai. We plan to gain 10% of market share during our first fiscal year and want this to grow annually. 1.4 Distribution: We are going to use scoop shops, super markets, selling points in all major malls, in the airport and in various cinemas to sell. For the promotion of

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