beyond the bean

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Beyond the bean Team members: Taylor ConardSalma Saleh Lorenzo MartinelliBader Alanazi Intro The partners of Beyond the Bean want to combine a traditional coffee shop with table/ board game rentals, where customers can socialize, in a relaxing environment. Our case analysis will demonstrate the appropriate decisions Beyond the Bean should apply to their business plan in order to achieve their goals. The report clearly identifies the problems within the case, and what choices the business should make to in order to be successful in the given area during a time of rescission. We explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Beyond the Bean’s business structure, identifying vital decisions that the business should…show more content…
Another advertising & promotion technique they could use is Groupon, which was an appealing option because it involves zero start up cost and a wide customer reach. There are two options for the pricing strategy of board game rentals. The first option is to charge customers $8/hour for a table of maximum 6 customers. The second option is to charge customers $6 for unlimited number of games per day. Wireless Connection Greig and Peck made a major decision to not offer their customers access to free wifi in their café. This was a bold choice to make, especially when you consider that most corporate and locally owned coffee shops on average offer wi-fi to their customers. The logic behind this decision was to encourage genuine human interaction, and eliminate distractions from technology. Beyond the Bean’s hours of operations were planned to be 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., and the partners discussed that the average customer would stay for at least three hours before leaving. Taking this into consideration, Beyond the Bean may experience some difficulty contending with their competitors, and would potentially have more success offering their customers access to wi-fi. If wi-fi were to be available to customers, it could give customers the incentive to stay longer than three hours, and would
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