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Biblical Worldview Essay on Romans 1-8 Bible 110-D27 New Testament Survey Spring 2013 Term B & D Franklin Fowler L26338017 APA Introduction Romans is a book in the New Testament that’s was written by the Apostle Paul, somewhere around the winter 56 57 AD from the city of Corinth. The Christians was…show more content…
Human Identity and Relationships We are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). In knowing Christ our human identity is found and knowing our true nature God will bring salvation and eternal life to all who believe. If we refrain from wickedness we will be born again. As diciples the way we serve as instruments of his righteousness not under the law but under grace ( Romans 5-6). As humankind our sinful nature God gave us over to : muder, homosexuality, sexual immorality (shameful lust), depraved minds, envy, God haters, heartless, ruthless (Romans 1:26-31). We have things wrong with us that we can not fix, so we need Jesus to sanctify, justify, and to glorify us (Romans 8:30).Human relationshops are confusing and are the hardest part of life. Paul reminds the Romans to not judge others, God does not show favoritism as we all are sinners and God will punish all of humankind, Jews and Gentile, as He see’s necessary ( Romans 2:10). Romans 8 puts out the message of our identity that it is found in Christ call, the 8 chapter assures that our identity, is confirmed in commitment to Christ. (Romans 1:26) “God gave them over to shameful lust, even the women exchange natural relations for unnatural ones. (27) the men also abandoned natural relations with women and lusted for another, men

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