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Chapter 40 Exam – Student Copy 40.1 Multiple-Choice Questions 1) Trees are rare in the savanna biome because of A) insufficient annual precipitation. B) acidic soils. C) extreme winter temperatures. D) large variations in seasonal rainfall. E) permafrost. 2) Which of the following statements best describes the effect of climate on biome distribution? A) Average annual temperature and precipitation are sufficient to predict which biome will be found in an area. B) Seasonal fluctuation of temperature is not a limiting factor in biome distribution if areas have the same annual temperature and precipitation means. C) Not only is the average climate important in determining biome distribution, but so is the pattern of climatic variation.…show more content…
A) Labrador does not get enough rainfall to support the subtropical flora found in Land's End. B) Regions such as Labrador are actually colder than England because colder arctic air is pulled down to eastern North America and not to England. C) Rainfall fluctuates greatly in England; rainfall is consistently high in Labrador. D) Labrador is too windy to support tall plants, such as palm trees. E) Labrador receives sunlight of lower duration and intensity than does Land's End. 11) In mountainous areas of western North America, north-facing slopes would be expected to A) receive more sunlight than similar southern exposures. B) be warmer and drier than comparable southern-exposed slopes. C) consistently be steeper than southern exposures. D) support biological communities similar to those found at lower elevations on similar south-facing slopes. E) support biological communities similar to those found at higher elevations on similar south-facing slopes. 12) Deserts typically occur in a band around 30 degrees north and south latitude because A) descending air masses originating from the tropics tend to be dry. B) trade winds have little moisture. C) moisture-laden air is heavier than dry air and is not carried to these latitudes. D) ascending air from these regions tends to be moist, removing available water and creating a desert. E) these locations get the most intense solar radiation of any location on Earth. 13) Which of the following events might

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