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The areas of Michael's brain that were injured during his birth affected his control over his voluntary movements. Which part of the nervous system distributes motor commands to skeletal muscles?
Somatic nervous system
The somatic nervous system controls the contractions of skeletal muscles and is under voluntary control.

Which principle descending motor pathway provides conscious control over voluntary muscle movements?
Corticospinal pathway
The corticospinal pathway is also called the pyramidal system and provides conscious motor control over skeletal muscles.

Which principle descending motor pathway primarily controls muscle tone and balance? the vestibulospinal tract of the medial pathway
The vestibulospinal tract provides
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it would lead to a quick sensation of pain it would lead to a slow sensation of cold it would lead to a quick sensation of cold it would lead to a slow sensation of pain

Axons that decussate between the pyramids of the medulla oblongata belong to the ________ tracts. reticulospinal anterior corticospinal vestibulospinal lateral corticospinal
Which of these are NOT part of the afferent division of the nervous system?
Cranial nerves I, II, and V
Dorsal roots
Ascending tracts of white matter
Ventral roots

The tract carrying sensations of pressure and pain is the __________.

Fasciculus cuneatus
Spinocerebellar tract
Posterior column tract
Lateral spinothalamic tract

The __________ tract carries information for maintaining balance.

Lateral coticospinal
Anterior corticospinal

Which of these is not a property of chemoreceptors?
They trigger visceral reflexes
They are found in carotid bodies
They are interoceptors
They are classed as nociceptors

Identify the type of information that travels along the anterior corticospinal tracts

proprioception to the cerebral cortex pain and crude touch sensations visceral motor commands to smooth muscle motor commands to skeletal muscles

A mechanoreceptor in the papillary layer of the dermis that responds to fine touch is a

Free nerve ending
Ruffini corpuscle
Root hair plexus
Tactile (meissner) sorpuscle

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