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Toward a New Vision: Race, Class, and Gender as Categories of Analysis By: Patricia Hill Collins Summary- The author writes about oppression in society and how it is full of contradictions. She states that there are no pure victims or oppressors, but rather everyone experiences a different amount of penalty and privilege based on their race and social status. She believes that if women and people of colour could find that they have common grounds in regards to class, it will eliminate racism and sexism. Thesis is in bold. She asks 2 questions: 1. How can we reconceptualise race, class and gender as categories of analysis? - analysis of oppression are based on either/or dichotomous thinking (ex. Black/white, man/woman) and…show more content…
Money does matter Social Class and class relations -Socioeconomic status are important because economic resources are related to power in society, and economic inequalities influence nearly all aspects of people 's lives---Social class share similar life chances- they share opportunities to achieve success and gain economic power. [Social stratification] - is the concept used to refer to structured forms of economic inequalities that are part of the organization of everyday social life. (People from lower social class backgrounds have fewer opportunities to achieve success and gain economic power than people from the upper class) We learn little about the oppressive effects of poverty and the limited opportunities available to those who lack economic resources, access to good education and wellplaced social connections--the focus is on how economic inequality is Maintained in society, how it serves the interests of those with wealth and economic power, and how it affects what happens in sports and the lives of people associated with sports The Dynamics of Class relations Children’s enjoyment occurs in a framework that legitimizes and reproduces the power of adults over the lives of children. Class Logic People who use class logic to interpret their own lives often set out on an endless quest for individual economic achievement. They measure success in terms of how many "things" they
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