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In the play "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller, the character Willy Loman displayed characteristics of deep emotion and despair. He blames society for his misfortune but in reality society was not the cause of his turmoil, it was within him the whole time. He made himself crazy by trying to please everyone, in doing so, he became a psychopath. At the beginning of Act I Willy begins to grumble about b.s. Wpro taking a toll on his aching body. He then takes out his anger on his son Biff, who is not working to his full potential in Willie's eyes. Willy starts to display actions of being invaded as he says in the text "There's more people! Thats what's ruining the country! Population is getting out of control. The competition is…show more content…
One could belive that every time somethig bad would happen to him he blamed everyone else but himself. Willy felt so much pressure to pay off the house dept. Making the house dept play a huge role in this play. He put so much pressure on himself and with him not doing so well at work he became so frustrated and angry. He broke his wedding vows with the woman he promised to spend the rest of his life

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