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Black Death      

The people at the Messina Harbor , a port in Northeast Sicily , stood and watched as a Genoese fleet made its way to dock..(Gottfried 141-144). The people standing ashore could by no means conceive of the horror found on board of these ships. The crew had a disease the like of which no one had seen before in the history of western civilization. The harbor masters looked on in complete awe and terror and tried to quarantine the ship but with no avail. (Gottfried141-144). It was too late. The rector fleas on the rats had already made it on shore, to bring death to millions in Europe for the months and years to come.(Gottfried 141-144). This disease was a
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(Knox). The church men and high officials believed it was merely a disease , a very horrible one , and took measures to try and stop its effects, but with no great success. (Knox).City officials began to quarantine houses , isolate incoming ships on offshore islands, and simply keep away from the sick. (Knox). This quarantine measure was probably the most effective.(Knox).The popular opinion was that God was acting out in anger against the people.(Knox). People began to burn incense, ring church bells , fire cannons, and do just about anything in desperation.(Knox). It would seem that people would turn to the church for guidance in such trying times ,but this was not the case . The church clergy, in fear of their on safety , fled and often would interact with the infected and give them there last rites. Many people believed the clergy were greedy and only valued themselves. (Gottfried 140-1440).
It would seem that the clergy were being greedy, and self protective, and faith in the church began to ware as priest and clergy fled for safer ground. The clergy however was hit extremely hard by the disease and the parish clergy had a death rate of over 40%.(Platt 97).With out the guidance of the church people did anything the could to try and please God who they thought was bringing on this devastation as an act of anger. Flagellants, bands of 30-40 people, began to march through the streets and self mutilate themselves as acts of contrition for their sins. (Knox).

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