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1.Adams orders one thousand widgets at $5 per widget from International Widget to be delivered within sixty days. After the contract is consummated and signed, Adams requests that International deliver the widgets within thirty days rather than sixty days. International agrees. Is the contractual modification binding? Yes the contract modification is binding because both parties agreed to the modification before the widgets were delivered. When Adams requested the new shipping method and International agreed to the new terms. 2. In problem 1, what effect, if any, would the following letter have? International Widget: In accordance with our agreement of this date you will deliver the one thousand previously ordered widgets within thirty…show more content…
On the night of July 2, the tractor was destroyed by fire of unknown origin. Neither Stein nor Beal had any fire insurance. Who must bear the loss? Stein will have to bear the loss because even though he fulfilled everything he was suppose to do on the contract Beal never picked up the tractor for him and still had full possession of the tractor on the night of the fire. 7. Smith was approached by a man who introduced himself as Brown of Brown & Co. Brown was not known to Smith, but Smith asked Dun & Bradstreet for a credit report and obtained a very favorable report on Brown. He thereupon sold Brown some expensive gems and billed Brown & Co. ‘‘Brown’’ turned out to be a clever jewel thief, who later sold the gems to Brown & Co. for valuable consideration. Brown & Co. was unaware of ‘‘Brown’s’’ transaction with Smith. Can Smith successfully sue Brown & Co. for either the return of the gems or the price as billed to Brown & Co.? No he cannot sue for the gems because the items were sold to them as a third party and they had no affiliation with the person who went by Brown at all. 9. Brilles offered to sell his used automobile to Nevarro for $12,600 cash. Nevarro agreed to buy the car, gave Brilles a check for $12,600, and drove away in the car. The next day Nevarro sold the car for $13,000 to Hough, a bona
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