books are better than movies

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Books ARE so Much Better than Movies! English H 10A 4 October 2013 Gette 1 English H 10A 4 October 2013 Title Have you ever imagined living or visiting a place you can only dream of? Well you can every time you read a book, it’s guaranteed. When reading,…show more content…
Reading is also better to help increase ones vocabulary and ones understanding of the world all around them, whereas movies can damage your brain and weaken your eye sight. There are books on almost any and every topic in the world. One day you can be reading about the Gods battling against the Titans, the next you are reading about the French and Indian War and its impact on others. Not only can you expand your imagination, but you can read about the history of the world and learn about its effect on you and your life. Learn what it was like to live in the 1800’s and how they do not have the same advantages that we are lucky enough to have, like watching movies. Going to the movies is one of the main things us humans love to do when hanging out with friends. Reading takes time, you need to have patience to sit down and read through a book, which is a skill many people lack. That is why we have producers and other script-writers who read the book for you, edit the book and form it into a script, add and subtract a few things, then spend months filming a movie that will eventually come out the next year or so. Then you can go to the theater and enjoy watching it with whomever you go with. Besides, you can’t just go read a book with a friend and expect to both equally love it. You guys may have totally different intakes on it. But movies do leave out some major details that were mentioned in the book. So they have to
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