boundaries in a dual relationship

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What does it mean to have boundaries in a relationship? In the profession of counseling, there is a code of ethics that guides counseling in standards that are required. The code of ethics is designed by The American Counseling Association to protect and serve clients and counselors. Boundaries can include small things such as gifts, outside of the office meeting, eating lunch, and of course physical touch, sexual relations and personally networking socially.
A dual relationship can be defined as both therapeutic and personal when it comes to the relationships that occur between counselor and client (Pearson, B & Piazza N). Although they are relatively easy to define, it can be considered difficult when legality and ethics are involved.
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The key ethical dimension in this case is that even though the counselor is accepting and using the free tickets, there is no relationship together outside of the office. After going through the steps in the decision making process the counselor recognizes that with former clients the boundaries are not as defined as with those who are current clients. In some situations after termination of therapy, things can change leaving counselor not responsible relationships and confidentially. Ethically, termination of services and the standards needs to be made clear to the client. Some of the reasons termination can be ethically appropriate include, clients not benefiting from treatment, treatment not clinically appropriate for the client, the counselor not being able to complete sessions due to illness or maternal leave, or the treatment is becoming ethically questionable by the agency, the law or courts (Pearson, & Piazza).
Counselors frequently collaborate with other stakeholders to maintain a professional and ethical practice. The process of building a collaborative partnership is multidimensional. This meaning that throughout all steps of a professional relationship, processing, effectiveness and communication is very important. Effective communication involves the establishment of a feedback process and includes appropriate use of verbal, non-verbal and written communication with the client and identified
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