branding and packaging Essay

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Branding and Packaging
MKG310-4 Introduction to Marketing
August 4, 2013

Branding and Packaging The world today is filled with millions of different products and brands for consumers to choose from. So how do companies differentiate themselves from their competitors? They brand their products and market them to specific demographics and target markets. A company can live or die based on whether consumers are aware of their brand. Without careful and strategic marketing consumers cannot buy merchandise that they do not know to be present. Branding and packaging enhances the attraction of the merchandise and or services for not only the consumer but the seller as well. This essay will discuss the branding and
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Lastly companies can choose whether or not they want to license their brand to other organizations (CSU Global, Module 4). chooses to offer both private label and their own manufactured brand. They manufacture their own products as well as provide the consumers with a collection of different product lines and individual brands. The main difference between and many other supplement and vitamin stores is that once again, they cut out the middle man. The basic way for a consumer to get to a product starts with the manufacturer selling to a distributor, the distributor doubles the price and then selling to another local distributor who then sells it for a large profit to the retail stores. The retail stores then double the price again and it is finally sold to the consumer. The end result is a high markup price of the product. does two things: they manufacture and sell their own product directly to the consumer and they chose to buy other name brands directly from the manufacturer and sells it at a lower cost. Overall prefers to continue to be a manufacturer brand so that they can continue to provide fast service and low prices.

Packaging Strategies According to Grewal & Levy, “packaging is an important brand element with more tangible or physical benefits than other brand elements” (2014, p. 350). There are two
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