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The Angry Couple Worksheet Lucila Varela BSHS 385 December 5, 2014 Dr. Elizabeth Jorgensen Watch the first 25 minutes of”, “The Angry Couple” video located on the student website. Read the Mental Health Facilitator Module 5 “Using Questions.” Consider the three-stage model of interviewing as you watch the video. Provide two to three examples from the video for each of the following stages: Exploration stage- The exploration stage explores the couples problems and how they feel. It explores previous treatments they may have had. Judi was upset because she felt that her husband did not listen to her and her anger would escalate. Judith wanted to have a family and Richard felt that the time was not right. This is the portion where in…show more content…
It explains why the couple is here. Another way to ask this question would be Have you looked for other services before? The first question is however more to the point and specific. 2. What are you feeling right now? This question allows the individual to explore their feelings and say them aloud. They may be confused with how they are feeling and the therapist can help sort these feelings out. Another way to ask this question would be what are your thoughts? It means the same thing, but it can also mean more then how are you feeling. 3. How frequently do you get this upset at home? The therapist sees Judith’s anger as it progresses when the topic is discussed. This question can be used to see how often Judith get upset with Richard at home. It also brings it into the next step into what can be done to prevent anger. Another way to ask this question would be…How does your anger escalate to this point at home? 4. Richard what have you been experiencing as you been listening to us talk? This gives Richard a chance to tell how he is feeling as Judith get a chance to tell her side. What does he feel about what she’s saying? Does he agree/disagree? Another way of asking this question would be; how do you feel about Judith’s side of the story? 5. What is it that you want? The therapist is asking what Judith wants

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