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Treatment Plan Vivian E.Martinez BSHS/405 August 18, 2014 Latera Davis Treatment Plan Constructing a treatment and service plan for a client involves various components. Prior to starting a treatment plan the professional should carry out a client evaluation. The evaluation should determine the basis of the difficulty or issues and assess the back ground of the client. After the completion of the evaluation, a professional can start constructing an agreement to fulfill the needs of the client. The treatment plan should include goals that relate to the difficulties and issues the client is experiencing, this assessment will discuss the components of Mr. McCunes personalized treatment program. Detail of Treatment Program Larry McCune is…show more content…
Counseling session can enable Larry to manage his behavior and irritability for others and his fear of transportation. Larry resides alone and don’t have much friends, I would suggest him to rejoin the church or other social groups where he can express himself and communicate with others. In time Larry would benefit a great deal from grief support. Possible sources for referral • Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families (Re: anxiety, grief, and self-esteem) • Grief recovery support group • Neurological rehabilitation center Motivational Approaches The Last 4 years have been horrible for Larry. He requires a great deal of motivation to be in a position to achieve his goals. Larry is an engineer by profession and can be very successful in this type of field. Concentrating more on his job and thinking about new ideas can occupy his mind positively. Emphasizing Larry’s strengths can also help to encourage him, for instance being employed, having his own place to live and being a father of another child. Larry’s son can contribute in helping his father achieve his goals. Larry needs support from friends and family to help him overcome the difficulties he is experiencing. Another course to keep Larry motivated about making changes in his life style is to weigh out the strengths and the weaknesses regarding the goals and possible results of his treatment

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