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Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management Paper Vivian Martinez BSHS/425 October 20, 2014 Staci Lowe Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management Paper In organizational decision making, many individuals should be involved in order to ensure that everyone involved or touched by organizational activities in one way or another is not affected negatively by the decisions made and arrived at by decision makers. Consulting widely before making a decision enables decision makers in the organization make all-round and informed decisions, and decisions that satisfy anyone who is in any way connected to the organization (Donna, 2012). In an organization, clients are the ones who are served by the organization. The…show more content…
Prices of the different products and services of the organization should be market specific. The economic capability and disposable income of clients should be put into consideration in setting prices for the products and services offered by the organization. By matching prices with the economic capability of a people, it would be much easier to for customers to access the products and services without straining or having to compromise and going for other products of lower quality (Donna, 2012). Services to consumers of the products and services of the organization would be heightened since the kind of services offered determines whether customers are retained and it is a means of attracting new customers. Workers in the organization would be expected to treat clients with respect and serve them diligently so that they feel welcome. Workers who are directly interacting with clients would have a set code of conduct that would guide their actions. Mishandling customers inappropriately would be subject to penalties. Meeting Diverse Cultural Needs Since people and customers to be specific come from different cultural backgrounds, considering and understanding the cultural background and practices of every market niche. In ensuring that the organizational activities do not conflict with the cultures of clients and that they suit the needs of the cultures, the following would be done by the organization;

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