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To: Franek LTD Manager. From: Title: Internet & modern marketing Date: 04/10/2013 Introduction: In this task I will describe the role of internet marketing within its modern marketing operation. This task will be related to how adidas operate with the use of internet marketing and how they’ve coped with the changes of modern marketing in recent years. In addition I will also relate different aspects to different businesses .The following below would be accessed: The main business of the organisation How it uses the internet to market its products or services What role does the internet play in the marketing of these products? First of all, modern marketing is the current way of marketing which resolves…show more content…
This allows customer to give their opinions on what could be done to improve their product. Price: a price gives value to a product. Adidas use different types of pricing strategy as they sell different varieties of products, however the most common used pricing strategy is the skimming strategy , where products are sold at a high price because of they have a unique product.The price of the product is always displayed with the product however the price might change if discount or delivery cost is included. Place is also known as distribution channel. This is where customers can get products from, therefore internet marketing is considered as a distribution channel (i.e. Place) because customers can purchase product online as they do in stores. In terms of internet marketing, promotion covers a large range of areas such as giving discounts and internet base advertisement. These might include, sending emails, creating link on social sites, affiliate (i.e. advertising on another business site), pop-ups, banners and search engines. These types of online promotion can help to create awareness but in terms of convincing customer to buy product, discount and sales promotion are the most like to tempt customer to purchase. Under internet marketing , the extended Ps are related because it is an online services; therefore process, people and physical evidence are all involved. The process can be related to how the business operates

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