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Group Members: Keshab Parajuli Rohit R Nair Vijay Chowdary Paleti Oktay Ozkan Sandeep S Patel Kartik Chinta 1. The case study suggests that Buick has a series of regional strategies. They were exporting products for long time that were specially designed with the U.S market trends and needs in mind. This contains selling left hand driving cars in the right hand driving countries like India and Japan where their laws allows to operate such cars. When Chinese market share increased and became world’s largest passenger car market, they changed their market focus towards the needs of Chinese market, which concludes that where Buick lacked in making a true global strategy.  Buick has either made cars for the U.S. market and…show more content…
So while Shanghai GM has been an important factor in making GM and Buick more competitive by contributing to a global strategy, such manufacturing plants alone do not solidify such a strategy! 3. They have an important global strategy which is about Product Adaptation. GM Buick finding success in China made them manufacture models which suite the Chinese Consumer taste which is also another strategy of Product Invention. Jo Qui designed a Buick Lacrosse model which targeted the Chinese consumer in mid 30s who are fashionable, successful, and entrepreneurial and other traits which really helped the sales to pass over 645,000 units to be sold. GM Buick did apply straight extension product approach in earlier times while introducing left hand drive cars in right hand driving nations. Instead of this, they prefer to upgrade/improve their current models in terms of technological equipment to not leave behind their rivals in automobile industry.  4. It will be difficult for competitors to replicate Buick’s strategy in China as Buick’s legacy in China was built over a period of nearly a century. As such, the brand’s perception has undergone an array of changes ranging from being considered a brand for the elite and powerful in China, such as emperors and provincial presidents, to an affordable and dependable brand that appeals to people that are in their mid-30’s and are successful, entrepreneurial and fashionable. The
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