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Ryisha Flowers EDUC 205 Relationship Building Plan Liberty University Professor Renee Brown November 9, 2014 As a Christian educator it is my belief that students should be trained with Christian-like values that reflects a Godly character. When an educator teaches students the value of learning, while still remaining true to the walks of God it is an essential ingredient that allows beliefs, relationships, abilities and skills to flow together. “All teachers teach on the basis of their beliefs”. There is no way a teacher may educate students’ value-less but rather in the framework of what they believe. (McCullough, 2008, p. 20) It is my notion, that after learning all the concepts of teaching such as teacher roles,…show more content…
Scholars and Educators will work together learning from one another rather than having teachers just seen as an authority figure. (McCullough, 2008, p.55) My idea of a nurturing teacher-student relationship is one that will always value diversity and encourage the development of unique abilities of each and every student in the classroom. Teacher-student relationships are built when there is an understanding of clear roles. I will continue to connect with my students by having authority but not abusing power. Biblically authority is a proper way to excel in your duty as an educator. Moreover, naturally students like when they are respected as individual but need to have someone to look up to who models the appropriate behavior and teaching them right from wrong. To add, building relationships with the students doesn’t always happen in the classroom and the rapport is also built outside the classroom. I will take time to attend student activities outside of school, show them that their personal lives are just as important as their educational one. Finally, getting feedback from students on issues that concerns them will show my personal interest in them. (McCullough, 2008, p 63) Teacher- Parents Relationships Teachers have to build relationships with students but it is equally as important to build a strong and
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