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Marketing Manager of Oreos Bus 330 Dr. Shiquita P. Blue 01/20/2014 Marketing Manager In this written assignment, I will be accepting the role of a marketing manager that will select a product (good or service) that’s sold in the United States and has sales opportunities in a foreign market. The product I have chosen is Oreo’s, are the world’s favorite cookie. Throughout this assignment, I will apply my critical thinking skills and the knowledge I have attained throughout this course to the product that I have chosen. The first steps in marketing are putting the right product out at the right price and the right time. All of us have grown up with Oreo cookies, we all have our disputes as to the way to eat them dunking them in milk or…show more content…
In order for me to apply the STP approach in the American and foreign market is first I will have to determine which types of customers exist, select which ones we would be able to serve best, and then implement our segmentation by improving our cookies for that segment and show that we made the choice to stand out and remain rare. The primary segment is one for who the product is designed for, maximum revenue will come from the primary target market. These customers that share common characteristics and behaviors account for the highest capacity of sales and are most likely to buy now. The positioning of Oreo cookie is tempting to kids and teenagers they are the highest consumers of cookies. The secondary market is future primary buyers, persons buying at a high rate in a small segment and people who influence primary buyers. However their characteristics and buying behaviors usually are different from those of the primary market. For example this would be the persons that live a fast passed life style like adults, and working parents, and grandparents. In order s to implement our target, we must begin positioning by choosing what image the company would like to portray to our consumers. One way is for the company to maintain a strong competitive advantage.

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