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Assessment 2. Part A - Case Study You have recently taken ownership of a small convenience store. You decide to do a hazard identification walk. This is a report that you produce: “Upon entering the store I noticed small pools of water left by customers shaking their umbrellas, and taking off their coats. There are still a lot of boxes of stock left in the aisles. Some are over 15 kilograms in weight. The work areas around the cash registers look very aged, with cardboard being used underneath one of the staff’s chairs so it remains balanced. Behind the cash registers cables to the computers are laid out on the floor. The electrical socket that is used for the printer / fax and the EFTPOS machine appears to have become loose. One of…show more content…
Engineering Redesign a process or piece of equipment to make it less hazardous. Isolating the hazard from the person at risk, eg using a guard or barrier Administrative Adopting standard operating procedures (SOPs) or safe work practices or providing appropriate training, instruction or information. Personal Protective Equip. The provision and use of personal protective equipment could include using gloves, glasses, earmuffs, aprons, safety footwear, dust masks. (2 marks) Part B – Project You have now owned the above business for 1 year, and have decided it is time to improve your WHS policies 1. What would you include in a WHS induction and training program? (5 marks) It is useful to start with an WHS Induction Policy, a Procedure outlining how induction will be implemented within the organisation, and a Checklist for Managers/ Supervisors to use during the Induction Process. The Policy and Procedure will need to be written by the organisation, which could be modified to suit each organisation. The literacy and language of inductees should be taken into account when preparing the induction program. The contents of an WHS Induction Policy will include: the commitment of the business with respect to providing WHS induction training to employees and others working at the site the responsibilities of various people within the business who will provide the WHS

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