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Create a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis on one of the following companies (20 marks); Facebook Asda British Airways plc You can choose which of the above companies you want to use. Once you have completed your SWOT analysis, I choose British Airways plc. The SWOT of British Airways plc is easy to understand. With regard to strength of the British Airways plc, there are five points. First, the British Airways has a broad geographic presence. It has approximately 150 international destinations across 6 countries. Second, the British Airways is sole airline occupant of Heathrow Terminal 5 after March 2008, because it is significantly boosting the service it offers customers in the UK.…show more content…
Therefor it is very convenient and easy to use it. ‘Additionally, other conveniences provided for ease of check in including telephone check-in that consists of many features allowing passengers to check flight schedules, check personal bookings, travel advice, information on British Airways destinations and even perform online flight bookings. In fact, they have even implemented an e-ticketing system which provides passengers with the flexibility of checking in without the need of a physical ticket. Only passenger details including proof of identification are required to be produced during check-ins, as all booking information has already been stored in their computer systems. In fact, through this system, flights can be changed even up to 30 minutes before departure time (Stephen, 2008).’ In addition also, in British Airways portal is not only offer ordering ticket, but also provide hotel booking, travel insurance purchase, car rentals, holiday purchases and so on. In parts of environmental, British Airways is aware of both Noise pollution controls, and energy consumption controls. In parts of legal, the British Airways will offer a good employee relation in anytime. Another major point is internal. The internal of British Airways is divided by two parts, called resources and core competences. The company runs 245 aircrafts covering over 550 destinations. In addition the Heathrow Terminal 5 is a huge

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