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• I am enthusiastic
• I have a positive attitude
• I am self-motivated
• I have excellent communication skills
• I am trustworthy
• I have a smart appearance

• Nervous when speaking in front of groups
• I am sometimes shy when I meet people for the first time
• My punctuality is sometimes a problem

M1 When starting your own business there are many advantages, these vary from being your own boss, which means you are able to make your own decisions which is very convenient because everything you say goes.

You are also able to work at a place that suits you, whether it being a location that is close to your home or a place that has more attractions.
This also means that you are able to
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There are two main ways to carry out market research, primary research and secondary research.
Primary research is where we get information straight from the customers. These could include interviews, questionnaires, analysing purchase records and feedback. Secondary research uses published information such as yellow pages, newspaper reports and articles in trade journals.

Promoting and advertising your product or service
Promoting and advertising your business is quite important because it helps make the business more recognisable. We usually promote advertise to give people information on products and services, we explain about changes and improvement, publicising special offers and sales and building a positive image of the business.
At His and Hers we use a variety of ways to promote and advertise our business. We have posters around the local area, we hand out leaflets, we advertise in the local newspaper and many more. We also promote our business by giving out key holders and pens with our logo and address on it.

Unique selling point
My business His and Hers sell pure virgin hair, they vary from different lengths to different textures. We also have appealing packaging and outstanding customer service. We also sell at very reasonable prices compared to other high street cosmetic stores.

My business has many competitors such as PAKs cosmetics, Shabba, beauty depot and many more. All of these hair and cosmetics shops are located all around

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