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Reem Said Abdelnur
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BUSI 1311
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Introduction to Business function
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Tesco’s UK profits fall for first time in two decades.
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Case study
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The aim of this report is to analysis a case study about an organization called Tesco. In this analysis, I will discuss the purpose of the key business function in the organization. Furthermore, I will analyze the power-grid interest of Tesco’s stakeholder. In addition, I will analyze the key issue in the managing stakeholder. Finally, I will show a SWOT analysis
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As Robin and Coutler (2005) explains, the operation system has a significant role as it delivers product and services, manage productivity and fulfil obligations. According to Philip Clark, the operation department at Tesco has promised to have a better products with a good prices.
According to capon (2009) “marketing orientation leads organizations to consider the needs and wants of their actual or potential customers before considering what service and products to offer” (p235). This implies that the marketing manager is responsible to make sure the need of the customers. This is usually done by asking the customers before introducing something new. Clark identifies that “Tesco’s problem come as retailors struggle with structural change caused by growing number of consumers shopping from computer and smartphones.” Therefore in order to improve that, Tesco is working to expand its digital system to fulfill internet orders.

Human resource
According to Robbin and Coulter (2005), the human resource is responsible to make sure if employees have a good working condition, trainings, recruitment processes and decruitment. As Capon (2009) suggested, the “the main strategic focus of HRM is the management of human resources utilized by the organization” (p195). According to retail analyst Himanshu, one of
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