Essay on bussines stretegy LOLC 1

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Task 1.1 Describe the business strategy in the context of selected organization (vision, mission, objective, goal, core competencies) I selected Cargill’s Ceylon PLC which is under register the Colombo stock exchange. History of Cargill’s Ceylon PLC Cargill’s Ceylon PLC the Sri Lankan giant in retail supermarket and food industry was established in 1844 which was built on a strong foundation of values and ethics guided by trusted leadership for the development of the food industry. Cargill’s dominates the supermarket chain being the largest retailer with more than 200 outlets across the island .The group also boasts of its manufacturing brands such as Cargill’s Supremo /Finest (processed meats), Cargill’s Kist( biscuits ,jams, sauces,…show more content…
Mission The road map in achieving the vision could be considered as the mission statement .A mission statement describes the basic functions in society in terms of the products and services it produces for the client .Mission is what the company wants to achieve by starting the business. This must be reexamined and refreshed periodically if an organization is to remain dynamic amidst the ever changing competitive environment. Mission statements describe the overall purpose of an organization 1. What you do? 2. Who you do it for? 3. How and why you do it? Figure 4.1 Reviewing the mission gets an organization back to basics in which brings your focus back The essential activity of determining whom you serve can be a wake-up call for organizations that have started to twist their activities to meet the needs other stakeholders and not their actual clients. 1. The Cargill’s Ceylon PLCs mission statement Serve the rural community, our customers and all other stakeholders, through our core Business – food with love – and other related businesses, based on the three main principles of reducing the cost of living enhancing youth skills bridging regional disparity The Mission statement has Cargill’s wining idea of “competing in terms of price ‘thereby reducing the cost of living of Sri Lankans. Further we have been successful in enhancing youth
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