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The Butterfly Circus - directed by Joshua Weigel
Cheri Natale – ENG 3051
Alyson van Beinum Complete short 2 minute teaser

“If you could only see the beauty that can come from ashes”
Butterfly Circus is a 20 minute dramatic short film which is a testament to the power of hope and faith in oneself. It is a wonderful reflection of the themes of good and evil, man vs. man, man vs. himself and hope conquers all. It can be viewed as a religious film but need not be. If you believe in yourself, you will be saved.
During the Great Depression, the Showman of a renowned circus starring those with unique abilities, rather than those with
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Rather than raise the issue of racism the film makers have chosen to use Will as a symbol of those who may not fit in – those who do not feel they have a purpose in life. Racism is a non issue when people respect themselves and others.
The topic of those marginalized can be discussed within the context of current society. Will believes he is the man “even God has turned his back on“ in his physical limitations. While touring with the Butterfly Circus Will realizes he can overcome his physical disabilities and swim – it is through this baptism by water, the very act of swimming, he is reborn and realizes his potential. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
The culture of American society during the Great Depression can be examined. The hopelessness and loss of innocence is an excellent teaching opportunity to discuss what exactly defines a person. How would the students handle the loss of their money, jobs and their homes? The culture of those marginalized and important societal norms within the can also be examined. Are disabled people more respected in certain societies? Does Will consider himself disabled by the end of the film? The culture of the group vs the individual, man vs. society as larger issues can also be developed as topics along with the theme of hope and rebirth . Do most teenagers feels there is hope in the world?
We can examine the text ie. the language of the film . There are wonderful quotes not the least
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