“by the Waters of Babylon” vs Epic of Gilgamesh. Essay

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“By the waters of Babylon” Vs Epic of Gilgamesh. A lot of stories concerning religions and cultures have lot of similarities and differences, despite the fact that they are not from the same era of time. Humans used these stories and writings to express their culture and religious views. “By the Waters of Babylon” is very similar to the writings of the Mesopotamian writings in The Epic of Gilgamesh more specificlay “The story of the flood” and “The Return”. These similarities include many gods in both, a unique quality in the characters of both than can include “born to greatness”, people of both writings lead to their death themselves, John and Gilgamesh Come home with lessons.etc In most of all ancient influences, …show more content…
In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh speaks of the names of the gods, means a lot of gods ,“There was Anu, lord of the firmament, their father, and warrior Enlil their counselor, Ninurta the helper, and Ennugi watcher over canals” (N. K. Sandars 25). This shows that the Mesopotamians and people from “By the Waters of Babylon” were both polytheistic and believed in multiple gods. Almost in all writings there are lessons or message that characters learns in the end ,the same thing happened in our story, where ,Gilgamesh and John both learned lessons in the end of their voyage or journey .In “By the waters of Babylon” when john returns from the Place of Gods ,“But they are men who build the city, not dos or demons.”John says “They are men .I remember a dead man’s face” (Benet 85). This shows how John came home with a message, about the ,City of the Gods, that it is really New York City, and the gods were actually humans, so they have nothing to fear. And on the other side, Gilgamesh also comes home with a lesson which is that immortality is not obtained by some flower or going on a journey but you can be in hearts of the tourists and explorers but making your name fame , which Gilgamesh does but making Uruk’s walls and being in the hearts of people forever. And so, with that it proves a lesson learned in both

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