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MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING FOR DECISION MAKING AMIS 823 – Spring 2008 Course Syllabus INSTRUCTOR: Prakash R. Mulchandani OFFICE HOURS: M/W 3:30-4:30pm, and by appointment OFFICE: 432 Fisher Hall E-MAIL: TELEPHONE: (614) 247-6267 FAX: (614) 292-2118 COURSE OUTLINE This course focuses on the strategic nature of management accounting and emphasizes the critical role that information plays in decision-making, strategy execution, and overall enhancement of a firm’s value. Primarily taught through case studies, this course will utilize and build upon the concepts studied in prior Management Accounting courses, and allow the students an opportunity to see how these concepts fit together. Selected readings…show more content…
This can be done during class or after class. An example Group Self-Evaluation Form is included with this syllabus. If someone does not submit a Group Self-Evaluation Form, the Instructor will assume that, from this student’s perspective, at least, no free riding problems existed. CLASS PARTICIPATION Class participation is one of the best and most reliable ways to demonstrate understanding of the ideas and concepts discussed in readings and case materials. While my preference is to rely on voluntary participation, I may call on you at any time to open the case with a summary of the key issues, to discuss the required readings, or to answer a specific question on a case. Consequently, you will need to prepare carefully before class, and participate actively during class. When preparing the case for class, you should do the appropriate analytical, financial and quantitative analyses to arrive at your conclusions. At times, it may be appropriate to visually present these quantitative analyses to the class. Preparation of the case with your group is highly recommended. It is expected that all groups will work on every case, irrespective of whether you turn in a written document or not. Towards determining the level of detail that we may need to discuss the case in class, I will require that every group send me an e-mail (feedback) with
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