Essay on canon future strategies

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The Excellent Global Corporation Plan Based on the corporate philosophy of kyosei, the Excellent Global Corporation Plan is a medium- to long-term management plan with the goal of building a corporate group that continues contributing to society through technological innovation, aiming to be a corporation worthy of admiration and respect worldwide. In the five-year first phase of the plan, which began in 1996, Canon inculcated in the Group the concepts of profit orientation and total optimization, introducing production reforms by means of the cell production system, and cash flow-based consolidated business performance evaluation. In the second phase of the plan, which began in 2001, they have aimed to become No.1 in all our businesses…show more content…
In line with these changes, Canon U.S.A., Canon Europe, Canon China, and Canon Sales in Japan have carried out the restructuring and consolidation of Group companies in their respective regions to increase the efficiency of sales networks, and to upgrade information systems and distribution networks. In 2005, they are aiming to complete the sales and marketing structure reforms they have pursued till date.      Fulfilling corporate social responsibility Social responsibility begins with awareness on the part of each individual. With regard to environmental responsibility, they aim to achieve the goals set forth in Factor 2, a comprehensive benchmark indicator of the environmental sustainability of the Canon Group culminating in 2010. To ensure continued sustainable development for the company, they will further strengthen corporate governance and compliance.      Charting a course for healthy growth through selection and concentration on R&D Phase II of our Excellent Global Corporation Plan, a blueprint of long-term management objectives to be met in 2005, contains four goals, one of which is "building up R&D strength to enable Canon to continually create new business opportunities. In fiscal 2004, research and development expenses
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