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Example Report for Task 1

Ben Dover

Semester 2, 2011
Student ID: 1016500

Course Coordinator: Dr Rodney Farr-Wharton

Executive Summary

Innovations can create a huge opportunity for success, as they enable a company to create a competitive advantage by having differentiated products, services or business models. Hence an innovative strategy is highly recommended in order to achieve high business growth, in case you are willing to expose you to a higher degree of risk. Being successful with an innovative strategy requires a multidimensional approach and an integrative strategic management.

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2.1.1 Innovation and innovation management
If you are searching for a definition for innovation you can find a number of different ones. Basically they all include the idea of creating something new. Referring this idea to business, the definition of Westland seems to be appropriate. It says an ‘innovation is a product or service with a bundle of features that is – as a whole – new in the market, or that is commercialised in some new way it opens up new users and consumer groups for it’ (Westland 2008, p. 6). According to that, innovations can occur for products, services, processes and business models (Stamm 2008). Beside these categories, there are three different levels of innovations, depending on the degree of novelty involved: incremental innovations are minor changes. When implementing these changes, something is done in a better way than it has been already done before, so there’s nothing significantly new. Substantial innovations are mid-level in significance both to customers and to the company (Tucker 2008). Radical innovations, also known as breakthrough innovations, transform the way you think and have a big impact on the company and the customers in a whole (Tucker 2008; Bessant & Tidd 2008).

Innovation isn’t a single event, it’s an
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