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Oxford Cambridge and RSA Unit title: Contemporary issues in health and social care Unit number: 24 Level: 5 Credit value: 15 Guided learning hours: 60 Unit reference number: A/601/1639 UNIT AIM AND PURPOSE This unit will provide learners with an understanding of methods used to bring information about contemporary health and social care issues to the public, progressing to examining how these methods can influence public opinion. Learners will also have the opportunity to explore a contemporary health and social care issue of particular interest to themselves. They will study the different perspectives which can be taken on the issue and analyse the consequences of these perspectives on the…show more content…
M2 Analyse own knowledge, understanding and skills to define areas for development. D2 Evaluate and apply strategies to develop own knowledge, understanding and skills. M3 Exercise autonomy and judgement when implementing established courses of action. D3 Determine, direct and communicate new courses of action. © OCR 2013 TEACHING CONTENT The Teaching Content describes what has to be taught to ensure that learners are able to access the highest grade. Learners must be able to apply relevant examples to their work. Where examples are given in the Teaching Content, these are suggestions; they do not have to be the examples that the learner uses. LO1 Understand how information relating to health and social care gives rise to issues of concern to the public Information (e.g. financial, political, standards, enquiries) Ways of informing the public (e.g. inspection reports, tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, TV news bulletins, TV documentaries, social media, government reports and publications, websites, promotional materials, published research, journals, whistle-blowers) Analysis of techniques for disseminating (e.g. reliability, validity, bias, objectivity, source of information) Ways of influencing attitudes (e.g. format of presentation, tabloid approach, sensationalist, exaggeration, analysis and discussion, factual). LO2
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