care provision and practice

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Title of Assignment: Reflective essay Submitted to: Fiona Smith, Care Provision and Practice Presented by: Shannon Hosey Date: 26/3/2015 As a Fetac Level 5 pre-nursing student, I am writing this essay to discuss how the content and practice experience in this module Care Provision and Practice has contributed to my development as a carer/nurse. The assignment will focus on my personal, interpersonal and professional skills that I have gained throughout my experience working as a care assistant at my work placement. I will discuss how the use of the nursing process is a systematic, rational method of planning and providing nursing care (Kozier et al.) which contributed to the plan of action to care for the patient. I…show more content…
1. Assessment - to collect as much information as possible about the patients health concerns and the ability to manage healthcare needs. 2. Care planning - to determine how to prevent, reduce or resolve the identified patients problem 3. Implementation - to assist the patient to meet desired goals and outcomes 4. Review - to determine whether to continue, modify or terminate the plan of care The staff began to assess Mr. Morans situation as it was clear his health was deteriorating by the day. There was nothing we could do to save his life, or improve it, but what we could do was try to maintain his comfort, and leave him free of pain. An individualised care plan was created for Mr. Moran for his worsening condition, taking all of his pain and his opinion into consideration. We asked him what food he would like to eat for the coming days and weeks, when exactly he would like family to visit, and how much time he would want alone. Any specfic things he wanted , he got. The aim was to make Mr. Moran as comfortable and as content as he could be. According to the professional code of conduct by An Bord Altrainais, "Information regarding a patient 's history, treatment, and state of health is privileged and confidential. It is accepted nursing practice that nursing care is communicated and recorded as part of the patients care and treatment. Professional judgement and responsibility should be exercised in the sharing of such information with professional
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