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caseF&C INT CASE 4.2 F&C INTERNATIONAL, INC. Synopsis Over two centuries, the Fries family of northern Kentucky and southern Ohio built a dynasty of sorts in the flavor industry. Alex Fries, a German immigrant with a background in chemistry, settled in Cincinnati during the early nineteenth century and a few years later established a flavor company. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Fries and his descendants owned, operated, or oversaw several flavor companies, the last of which was F&C International. In the early 1990s, F & C’s chief executive, Jon Fries, orchestrated a large-scale financial fraud that proved the undoing of the company and the family’s proud history…show more content…
4. To illustrate common methods used by corporate executives to inflate their company’s reported profits. Suggestions for Use Here is another case that lends itself well to a role-playing exercise. When faced with an ethical dilemma, individuals often fail to reach out to close friends and associates to help them resolve the crisis. Individuals involved in an ethical dilemma often do not have sufficient “distance” from the situation to identify and understand the key factors or dimensions underlying the problem or to grasp its unfolding dynamics. Reaching out to a friend or trusted associate can be extremely beneficial since that individual may be able to provide a more complete and objective point of view regarding the given situation. In this case, I ask two students to assume the roles of Catherine Sprauer and Craig Schuster. In the role-playing exercise, Sprauer approaches Schuster to confide in him regarding her suspicions of an ongoing fraud within F&C. At this point, Sprauer is unaware that Schuster shares her suspicions. Hopefully, the dialogue between the two parties (students) quickly turns to a productive how-can-we-solve-this-problem discussion. (If you have used role-playing exercises in your classes, you recognize the critical importance of an instructor’s “casting” skills--to prevent such exercises from flopping badly!) During class discussion of this case, I require

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