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LAKE EOLA CHARTER SCHOOL: SECURING THE BRAND THROUGH ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS (CASE SYNOPSIS) The case is about Lake Eola Charter School (LECS) in downtown Orlando, Florida, Ronnie DeNoia is the principal of this school, who completed a course on nonprofit branding at the Philanthropy & Nonproft Leadership Center at the local college. She done this course to shore up her understanding of planning and managing a non profit organisation. She wanted to apply her new learning to evaluate the school’s competitive position, so there is need for environmental analysis, for this full understanding of the school’s internal environment and external competitors is necessary in order to improve the position of the school. And also the case talks about…show more content…
A qualitative study design was adopted as a means of analyzing student perceptions and generating ideas to be used to improve the educational program. Open-ended questions focused interviews and empirical observations were used to collect data on student views. Quantitative data is the backbone of strategic planning; it isn’t enough for effective planning to occur. The qualitative data the emerges from a SWOT analysis is an important ingredient of any successful strategic plan – provided you distill the meaning of the information collected and intelligently apply it to your planning process. Qualitative information is interview with donors and parents which help them to find out that their marketing is poor and limited and if they want to attract more students they have to plan for some marketing. Parents are satisfied with the teaching of the school but some were trust is lacking. Quantitative information is collected from survey and interview which helps them to analyze the opinion in more accurate way and used for comparison with other schools. Question 3: What are strategic issues? A Strategic Issue is, first of all, an issue - an unresolved question needing a decision or waiting for some clarifying future event. Secondly, it is strategic and has major impact on the course and direction of the business. It probably relates directly to one or more of the fundamental “Three Strategic Questions”: What are we going to sell? To whom

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