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Summary In the first scenario, an organization was seeking to hire a medical director. The company peruse through the resumes and came across a candidate who had an impressive work and educational background. After hiring the candidate, the organization decided to run a background search that should have been conducted prior to offering the position to the person. Unfortunately, the search showed that the candidate that the organization had chosen had a prior criminal conviction and had served seven years in prison. With a record such as this he would have been eliminated. In the second scenario, this particular candidate was hired solely based on his resume too. The founders were so desperate and anxious to fill the position that…show more content…
Another way to find out about a person’s background, is to conduct a background check through an assessment or fingerprinting. Prior to conducting a background search, the organization must get consent from the applicant prior to. Depending on the type of job and position would determine what set of test is good for what type of position. The selection standard is a combination of reliability, validity, generalizability, utility, and legality. Pg 233 I was recently hired as a City Carrier Assistant with the United States Postal Service and besides the initial character and battery test, I had to consent to a reference, drug and background check as well as a physical to assist with the scoring process. In the face-to-face interview process, what steps can be taken to ensure that the applicant is being frank and honest with you, and what steps should you take if you feel that he or she is portraying an inaccurate picture of himself or herself? During the interview process it should portray an organized and uniform environment. In doing so will not only make the candidate feel comfortable but a little at ease to know that the organization in which they are applying for have some form of structure. The interview should focus on particular skills that are easily observable and open ended questions that would encourage a conversation with the applicant to cause a dialogue. In a situational interview the employer can basically get a feel if the candidate

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