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What impact do you think the “Boomers” will have on the next 30 years in our society? Write a minimum three page paper in which you explain:
What changes the individual “boomer,” as well as society at-large, will face? Technology, religious view points, basic political views and philosophies, loss of prejudices,
What will persons in both groups need to do to adjust to social changes resulting from this demographic shift?
What are your thoughts on how to provide for an aging society?
Discuss the implications for aging individuals and aging societies of (1) increasing life expectancy, and (2) increasing numbers of older persons living with chronic conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.
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However boomers and “non” boomers alike will face social changes as this group matures into their late adulthood. Many boomers prepared for their retirement by working hard and saving money. Boomers such as my own parents are good examples of how boomers will be affected. They did not over extend themselves during the recession and they made wise financial decisions. They invested what was perceived as healthy investments in real-estate and the stock market only to take on major economic losses in the last decade. Although my parents are not struggling to make ends meet, the rising cost of insurance and health care may have negative effects on their finances in the next decade.
In regards to social changes, boomers can be divided into two groups. There are boomers that will continue their parent’s view of society and there are the groups that will break social traditions. ‘Boomers separation also involves a rejection of party identification as a basis for political decisions and an abiding commitment to individualism, self-reliance, and introspection as a generational style for solving problems” (Light 1988). Boomers come from a time of great social change which in turn has made them more liberal to modern issues such a homosexuality and abortion. In 1993, Time magazine reported that about 42% of baby boomers were dropouts from formal religion (BG Central). According to my parents that are boomers, once leaving behind bigotry and religious persecution they

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