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Camren Hite December 1, 2014 BIO 252 Dale Kenison Case Study 3 List the different immunoglobulin types and explain where they are found and what their functions are. IgM – found on B cell surfaces and functions as antigen receptor IgD – also found on B-cell surfaces and functions as antigen receptor IgA – antibodies that are secreted across mucus layer to prevent microbes from penetrating cell bodies IgE – defend body from parasites and binds to allergens to initiate destruction. IgG – funtions in neutralizing, opsonation, compliment activation, antibody dependent cell-mediated cytocity, neonatal immunity, and feedback inhibition of B-cells and found in the blood. Looking over this list, do Daniel’s recurrent lung infections make…show more content…
Which cells have the CD', ligand? Which cells have the CD', receptor? T-cells have the CD40 ligand and B-cells carry CD40 receptor on their respective surfaces. What does their interaction cause? How does this explain Daniel’s immunological deficiency? There interaction creates the signal transduction that is needed for immunoglobulin isotope switching which explains his immunological deficiency. Since this event does not happen he lacks the antibodies necessary to fight these infections. What is immunoglobulin therapy? It is when immunoglobulins from a donor are injected into the blood stream. Why will Daniel need a transfusion every three to four weeks? Because white blood cells in the body do not last very long because they will be constantly used up fighting his already present infections and because his body does not create these antibodies he will need these transfusion to place them back into his body. Why do you think it will it lower his IgM levels? It will lower because with increased antibodies present in his bloodstream they will constantly bind to the receptor that trigger IgM antibody production. How can a bone marrow or cord blood stem cell transplant cure Daniel? The cells that Daniel need for isotope switching is produced in the bone marrow. If he gets the transplant that cause increase the chances for him to produce these cells needed. What is HLA? Why is a matched

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