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Ackley: Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, 10th Edition Writing Assignment: NCP: Planning, Implementation & Evaluation Due to Evolve dropbox by 10/29/14@ 11:59 PM Nursing Process Case Study - Mrs. Ross (Wound Care) Case Scenario “It isn’t fair. I’ve worked so hard all my life, I don’t deserve this,” thought Mrs. Ross as she looked down at her right leg where a large wound gaped open. Two weeks ago, she had a femoral-popliteal bypass, which got infected. The wound was opened up and was healing slowly by secondary intention. It was painful, raw, and frightening. She put a hand on her chest and raised the head of the bed higher so she could catch her breath and stare out the window. Nursing Assessment Including Client Story Mrs. Ross is…show more content…
An r/t statement describes factors that may be contributing to or causing the problem that resulted in the nursing diagnosis. NANDA label: delayed surgical recovery ________________________________________________________ Related to (r/t) factors: postoperative surgical site infection _________________________________________________ The complete nursing diagnostic statement is: Delayed surgical recovery r/t postoperative surgical site infection AEB femoral-popliteral Bypass site infection _____________________________________________________________________ PLAN 1. Write a client outcome to help Mrs. Ross resolve the symptoms (i.e., defining characteristics). Refer to Section III (beginning on p. 119) of the Ackley and Ladwig text. Client outcome: have surgical area that show evidence of healing no redness, draining, or immobility _______________________________________________________ Select an appropriate nursing interventions classification (NIC) from the Ackley and Ladwig text NIC: incision site care, nutrition management, pain management, self-care assistance, surgical assistance______________________________________________________________ Select appropriate NIC activities. Teach the patient how to care for incision __________________________________________________________________ inspect the incision site for redness, swelling , or signs of

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