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Submitted by: Nicolas, Judy Ann C. Section/Course: CBET-05-302A Submitted to: Prof. Mario Barrera (Management 2 Professor) I. Overview of the Problem Sko-Die is a medium-size manufacturing company. The company is more than 50 years old and many of the managers in the company have come from the ranks, so to speak. Recently, the Baby Boomers have started to retire and they are being replaced with Generations Yers/Gamers. The remaining staff members taking the roles in the manager team are Generation Xers. These two generations (Gen X and Gen Y/Gamers) are clashing in the workplace. Since the Gen Y employees have been at the company for such a short amount of time, they have very little loyalty or reason to…show more content…
Decisions may be a simple as determining who on your team goes to lunch at what time or can be as complex as developing a new marketing strategy. With each decision comes some level of risk, small or great, that may ultimately affect your bottom line. Look at the problem objectively and from several perspectives. Develop goals. Without a specific goal such as resolving conflict, new growth targets or a product development, solutions will remain brainstorm ideas without direction. Knowing the goals will help you create a game plan for the next step or decision. Seek alternatives and explore assumptions that are not obvious. As with a game of chess, guessing what the possibilities are several moves after your decision will help you determine what the least risky choice is. Make your decision confidently. If you have taken the time to review the problem and investigate all plausible alternatives, you should be assured that you are making the best decision based on all information available to you. Implement your decision. This may involve delegation or personal action. Regardless of whether you are implementing it personally or not, always take responsibility for the decision. Follow the results of the decision and determine if adjustments need to be made. Even a good decision might be improved with minor adjustments based on feedback. VII. Courses of Action Each step in the decision making process may include social, cognitive and
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