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Lesson 6 Case Study
Bablu pokhrel
International American University
MGT 500: Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Sanjay Upadhaya
June 16, 2013

Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy
Melissa Chang is a business woman from US who is about to travel Venice, Italy to meet with her company’s partnering company. During the preparation of the trip she faces different obstacle like she was stressed and her friend cancelled their trip to Moscow at the last minutes. She was afraid of meeting the Italian Partner, however after collecting necessary information upon making phone contact with the company’s partnering company to confirm her travel plans. When Melissa meets face-to-face with the
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Thus we need to gather information from face-to-face communication or other means of communication like email, telephone, and fax etc. is very essential to begin any new business or work which makes easier to understand the situation and deal with it.

Primary Sources of Information after Melissa’s Visit
Before beginning any new thing the first thing we need to is gathering information regarding the new thing which makes easier to perform new task. In this case Melissa gathered and learned many things before visiting to the Italy, Venice. The parent company at US was doing negligence and doesn’t provide the information to the partner company at Venice as per requirement on time. When Melissa travelled to Venice and had face-to-face communication with their partner company at Italy, she realizes the reason for the frustration as the parent company at US has not provided the basic information regarding the product. She was successful on answering all the quarries of the partner company and also maintains the positive relationship for the business in the future. The partner company also agrees to discuss details for the next fiscal year plan. The partner company appreciates Melissa’s ability of communicating and the performance of her and also the partner company arranges a formal dinner program in her honor. So face-t- face communication helps to gather all the necessary

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