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Summary: The ally bank launched in 2009, when the market is at worst time possible but that time everyone is looking forward for a new brand and ally bank came up with creative idea was simple to build a better bank for customer rights. GMAC officially changed its name to “Ally Bank”. Ally bank comes up in market with a large customer and success rate of small business. They gave customer the online banking service that is extending its services due to that there is a less overhead but interest rates are higher as compared to other competitors. They provide the mobile service and social media services to the customers. Ally bank has focused on providing 24/7 customer service. Question and Answer: Question 1: Conduct an internal…show more content…
Money Market Account: There is facility for check card with free ATM transaction but there is limit for six withdrawals per month. Ally bank CD options: There is an offer for no penalty cd, fixed rate cd with no fees for early withdrawals. New account and services: Ally Bank IRA’S: Services provide by ally bank can be managed through IRA. Four year raise your rate cd: Raising the cd rate twice in 4-year duration. Ally perks program: If customer will use debit card, bank will reward some money to the customer. Pop money: Send money any time in the united state through mobile, online account, email address. Bankruptcy- GMAC ResCap : GMAC ResCap, owned by ally financial is a financial services company that focuses on residential loans. In May 15, 2012 Ally launch the company in the bankruptcy. Future focus: Increased the number of customer. Focused on new product and offers to launch. Question 4: Define the pressing issues requiring immediate attention from corporate leaders. What corporate structure makes the best sense in the current situation? What are the reasons behind your position? Answer: Ally bank and its leaders are facing a difficult and challenging issued. The forty percentage customers are target but rest of the customer doesn’t know what the product is. The leaders are

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