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Mia MKT 333, Case Study #5, Snap-On Tools October 17, 2014 Questions: 1. What are the four key components of the Snap-on marketing strategy? The four key components of its marketing strategy is the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Product: Snap-On offers a huge variety of tools, from hand tools to work stations. These tools are made and tested to cater to its customers and meet their demands for quality and long-time performance. It also offers the most comprehensive custom took kits, which have the package of hard cases, soft cases, and stationary cabinets. These different packages provide many choices for its customer. Last but not least, Snap-On also offers special tools. If its customers cannot find the tools they…show more content…
3. How would you describe Snap-on’s marketing channels? Snap-On serves its customers primarily through four channels: mobile van franchises, company-direct sales, distributor and the Internet. Mobile van franchises: In the United States, the majority of sales to the vehicle service and repair sector are conducted through Snap-on’s franchise van channel. Snap-on’s franchisees primarily serve vehicle service technicians and vehicle service shop owners, generally providing weekly contact at the customer’s place of business. What’s more, franchisees’ sales are concentrated in hand and power tools, tool storage products, small diagnostic and shop equipment, which can easily be transported in a van and demonstrated during a brief sales call. In a word, mobile van channel provides convenience for Snap-On’s consumers. In addition, Snap-On also replicated its franchised mobile van in several countries including Australia, Canada, Japan, and German. This action helps Snap-On expand its market to other countries and increase its profit. Company-direct sales: In the United States, a significant proportion of shop equipment sales are made by direct sales. Because vehicle service and repair sector consolidate, the company believes these organizations can be serviced more effectively by selling them the full line of equipment and diagnostic products and services. What’s more, Snap-on also markets to industrial and

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