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Case Study Question 1.How would you define “business process management”based on this video and text reading? How would you compare it to business process re-engineering, continuous improvement, and total quality management approaches? Answer: -Business Process Management is most often associated with the life cycle of a business process. The process life cycle spans identifying and improving processes that deliver business capability to deploying and managing the process when it is operational. 2.What are the major objectives of BPM? Answer: After a business process is deployed, it must be managed, and, to manage the business process, you must have visibility into process performance. When a process is no longer meeting…show more content…
Antivia desktop incorporates some web 2.0 techniques and technology to Avhieve a richer collaboration environment. 3.Why is it important that discussions are closely linked to resources (documents)? Would you find this feature a distraction, or useful? Why ? Answer: in business , in all aspect of business you should have a resources like document to manipulate you transaction even you far away to your busiiness 5.For what types of business is Antivia Desktop well suited? Answer: Any business that have a link o or connection to other, like networking company, 6.What are some drawbacks or weaknesses of the antivia system? 1.What is the ‘8 second rule’ of the internet and why is it important to m-commerce technology? Answer: The 8 second rule: it is the average maximum length of time an Internet user will wait for downloading a webpage, before he or she shuts the Internet page and goes to another website. 2.why might it be useful to m-commerce providers to have records of theirs’ purchase histories? Answer: If m-commerce is to spread, the network used has to be successful enough, otherwise consumers won’t use their smartphones as a mode of payment. 3.what is the biggest concern most cell phone users have about using m-commerce service? What are some other concerns? Answer: With records of their

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