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POINT FORM is acceptable, NO HANDWRITTEN submissions will be accepted! Apply chapter material throughout your analysis of the case (expand/contract table boxes to fit your content). Case Title: Vetements Ltee Key Person: Sales staff of Vetements Ltee Case Overview Who is the case about? This case is about the sales staff that work at the Vetements Ltee (A chain of men 's retail clothing stores located throughout Quebec). What is the current situation? The senior management start to receive complains from the store managers regarding the performance of their sales staff. Why is the current situation happening? Because sales staff receives a fixed salary plus a commission based on the percentage of sales credited to that…show more content…
Training the new employees will cost money and time. 2. Training program for the existing sales staff and clearly explain the outcome that will result from their successful performance. Pros: The staff will be more aware of the company goals. When the staff see that the company took the issue very seriously and they even provided them with a training program, the staff will be threatened somehow and they will try to do the right thing rather than losing their jobs. More organized staff. Achieving the company goals. B performing their job correctly and effectively. Each employee will have the chance to get more commission because they all work as a team and they know how to deal with customers. Cons: Training programs will cost the company the time and money. It needs a lot of effort to change the staff behaviour. “Some people will never change!” if some of the staff performance did not improve the company will have to lay-off the employees and getting a new staff members will cost the company a lot of money and time. 3. set up a weekly schedule for the employees tasks and station. Pros: Each employee will get the chance to have a different task and a different station each week. That will allow the employees to engage with the customers + they will have inventory and merchandise tasks. More commission for all employees due to the weekly schedule. Customers will be more than happy and satisfied by dealing with this

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